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About Love and a Lover..

I touched God, In your sacred embrace, a rare offering, a treasure chest I could not deny, When you traced your fingers up my thoughts and up my thighs When you squeezed my scarlet heart with your tear filled eyes When you kissed my tender scars below that November sky When you rescued me from… Continue reading About Love and a Lover..

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Abandonment of Fear

The mother bird ventures into the horizons of danger, unaware of the consequences of a foreign sky. She doesn't know whether she will find feed for her chirping nestlings or get trapped in a vicious storm. Doesn't matter, for the beauty lies not in her ability to survive but in her innate design that demands… Continue reading Abandonment of Fear

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Self-respect starts with Self-acceptance

Do you ever wonder about self-respect? As humans we are expected to carry ourselves with respect. As a kid I always wondered what that meant. Those two words self and respect. I knew what respect meant. But I sincerely had no concept of self. How can I begin to respect myself when I don't even… Continue reading Self-respect starts with Self-acceptance