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Abandonment of Fear

The mother bird ventures into the horizons of danger, unaware of the consequences of a foreign sky. She doesn’t know whether she will find feed for her chirping nestlings or get trapped in a vicious storm. Doesn’t matter, for the beauty lies not in her ability to survive but in her innate design that demands such colossal curiosity with an absolute abandonment of fear.

Chasing anything requires the idea of risk. Taking risks demand heading forth with courage despite the existence of fear. For there is no value of courage if there is no fear to conquer in the first place. It won’t be called an act of courage if you aren’t scared of the act to begin with. It’s so counter-intuitive. But I’ve been dealing with fear all my life. I’m fearful of change, I’m fearful of discomfort, I’m fearful of a bad consequence of my actions. I’m more scared of the idea of what my action will lead me to than the act itself. This pattern has perpetually paralyzed me and has forced me to never try certain things, because of the negative association I have with those certain acts probably triggered by an experience from my past where the act led me to some negative emotional wreckage.

Yet, at the same time I have always endorsed and personally adored the idea of challenge. Conquering my fear has been a lifelong battle. It comes with phases and levels. I don’t fear the same things I used to fear when I was 8 years old. I don’t fear the same things I used to fear when I was 16. Likewise I won’t fear what I fear today when I’ll be 30. I level up, but the experience of experiencing fear never leaves. It knocks on my doorstep every time a new challenge arises. It delays its leave if I stay in my comfort zone for long enough. It disappears when I choose to act on it with courage, despite the possibility of a negative consequence . That’s how simple and how tricky fear is. Hence, every time I face the inevitable knock of challenge at my door, I ask myself, do I choose comfort or change?

There would never have been any reforms, changes, revolutions, rebellions, victories, art and creation in the history of mankind if there was no interplay of these two emotions- fear and courage. Forget about large scale reforms, would you as an individual ever change to a better being if you stay in a state of perennial comfort or ease?

By replacing fear of the unknown with curiosity we open ourselves up to an infinite stream of possibility.

Alan Watts

Possibility of failure incites fear, anticipation of victory inspires courage. The idea that former leads to breakdowns, and latter leads to harmony is like looking at a tiny dot on a large canvas painting. At the end of the day, your breakdown came in form of a necessary wisdom. At the end of the road the very wisdom earned might lead you to your victory. You’ve got nothing to lose, but a lot to gain. Therefore, Guts over fear!

6 thoughts on “Abandonment of Fear

  1. Beautiful post Deeksha. loved it.

    At the core all human actions spring from either love or fear.
    And courage is not the absence of fear, but willingness to go ahead despite the fear.

    Stay fearless. Stay loved 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

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