The Beauty of Beauty

Someone once asked me, to tell him something beautiful. I looked up and pondered for a while. My answer was just a word. Everything. A smile crawled across his face, dismissing the question. If only he knew what everything meant to me. Too vague a question for too vast an answer. It would take me a lifetime to put the beauty I perceive into words. Here’s a figment of that never ending script.

Beauty is that sky lit with millions of stars and a toe-nail shaped moon on a midsummer night with wind howling over my ears and swiftly brushing my hair against my face.

That midnight conversation with my sister about the prismatic shades of life. The uncanny match of our perspectives. The influence we have on each other.

That soft yet cursory kiss that seem to last a lifetime but ceases to exist over a few minutes. The rush to make it last forever. The ravenous yearn when my lips miss his.

The subtle intricate details about people that make me fall in love with them. The spark in their eyes when they talk of something they love. The touch of their skin. The warmth in their embrace. The giddiness in their laughter. The complex simplicity of their souls. The simple complexities of their minds.

The warmth I feel when I’m strolling by the lap of nature. The acceptance of my helplessness. The wisdom I earn that my problems are indeed a speck of dust in this vast universe. The relief.

That playful neighbour’s kid. So unaware of the world yet so intent on living life like a king. The innocence in his eyes. The playfulness in his smile. The wistful desire to become a kid again.

The sonder curiosity to know about lives of people I pass by on my way to the library. How lives dwell in huge cities. How lives dwell in remotest places of Earth.

That powerfully magnificent thunderstorm. That smell of soil when rain first hits the ground.
That conversation with my family when power’s out and our phone batteries are dead.

That breath of fresh air when I accidentally wake up at 4 in the morning. The bliss of solitude. The calm. The awareness of my being. The self-love.

That desire to feel alive. The drive for adventure. The lustful ambience of a club. The sudden feeling of empathy towards everyone around me. The lush green fields I see from a flight that has taken off. The subtle emotion my heart responds to when I watch a movie that makes me cry. The purr of a cat. The wag of a dog’s tail. Smell of a new book. Euphoric melody of some songs. Imperfections in ones face and body. The flutter of a butterfly. The flicker of a firefly. The warmth of a grandparent. The sadness. The tears. The sombre that leads me to the light. The unwavering desire to feel everything there is to feel within the limited time I have been given. Everything. Every single thing is beautiful.

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